Endorsed by The Press Democrat:

"Rabbitt has a record of achievements and a wealth of experience — architect, city council member, county supervisor — that set him apart from his challengers. Voters should reelect him to the Board of Supervisors."

Endorsements List

The Press Democrat
Sonoma County Farm Bureau
Sonoma County Deputy Sheriffs' Association
Sonoma Alliance for Vineyards and the Environment (S.A.V.E.)
Rancho Adobe Firefighters
Sonoma County Professional Firefighters (I.A.F.F.) Local 1401
Save Our Sonoma Roads (SOSroads)
Santa Rosa Metro Chamber of Commerce
North Bay Building Trades Council AFL-CIO
North Bay Association of Realtors (NorBAR)
North Coast Builders Exchange
Northern California Engineering Contractors Association
Congressman Mike Thompson
Senate Majority Leader Mike McGuire
State Senator Bill Dodd
State Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
State Assemblymember Marc Levine
State Assemblymember Jim Wood
Sonoma County Supervisor Susan Gorin
Sonoma County Supervisor James Gore
Sonoma County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins
Former Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane
Rohnert Park City Councilmember & former Mayor Pam Stafford
Rohnert Park City Councilmember Susan Hollingsworth Adams
Former Rohnert Park Mayor Jake Mackenzie
Sonoma County Planning Commissioner and former Cotati Mayor Pat Gilardi
Former Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District Trustee Ed Gilardi
Petaluma City Councilmember Mike Healy
Petaluma City Councilmember Dave King
Former Petaluma City Councilmember Mike Harris
Former Petaluma City Councilmember Gabe Kearney
Former Petaluma City Councilmember Kathy Miller
Former Petaluma City Councilmember Karen Nau
Former Petaluma City Councilmember Brian Sobel
Santa Rosa City Councilmember and former Mayor John Sawyer
Former Santa Rosa Mayor Sharon Wright
Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) Trustee Jeff Kunde
Cloverdale City Councilmember Joe Palla
Former Healdsburg Mayor Shaun McCaffery

Ken Adelson
Bernie Album
Tony Alvernaz
Nancy Amaya
Dean Anderson
Laurelle Anspach
Brad Baker
Henry Beaumont
Karen Bergin
Mike Bergin
Dan Blake
Nancy Blake
Jeff Blakeslee
John Bly
Henrie Boustany
Mike Bradt
Arlene Brians
Keith Brians
Sheila Bride
Joan Bunn
Linda Bufft
Stephen Butler
Christine Camozzi
Eugene Camozzi
Charlie Carson
Sue Carson
Jenny Chamberlain
Andrea Chapman
Joe Chapman
Jack Charleson
John Charlson
Teri Clementini
Cindy Coates
Earl Coates
Gail Cochran
Randy Cochran
Irene Collins
Sue Conley
Chuck Conner
Tom Corbett
Linda Corbett
Cindy Crane
Anela Besic-Crnovic
Kathy Culver
Sara Cummings
Betsey Cunningham
Rocco Cunningham
Patrick Daly
Mary Dassel
Howard Daulton
Alex Decarli
Arthur Deicke
Neil Divvers
Dan Dente
Cheryl Dobbins
Sam Dolcini
Mary Dooley
Steve Dutton
Andy Eber
Carol Eber
Clayton Engstrom
Becky Evenich
Ron Evenich
Bill Finkelstein
Bill Fishman
John FitzGerald
Libby FitzGerald
Susan Fitzsimmons
Luis Flores
George Gambonini
Margaret Gambonini
Linda Garcia
Cooper Gardea
Gregory Gardea
Miles Gardea
Mike Gerhold
Kevin Ghilotti
Diana Gorskiski
Patrecia Graham
Liza Graves
Bob Green
Jill Gregory
Mary Guerra
Paul Guerra
Dave Hamilton
Cliff Hansen
Kim Hansen
Craig Harrison
Rebecca Hermosillo
Mercedes Hernandez
Kip Herzog
Marilyn Herzog
Trent Herzog
Lance Hickok
Karen Hirsch
Martin Hirsch
Judith Hillery
Richard Hillery
Dave Hoff
Michael Hogan
Susan Hootkins
Dan Hughes
Vivian Humphreys
Lupita Ildefonso
Rocio Ildefonso
Craig Jacobsen
Lisa Jacobsen
Lynda Jacobsen 
Jean Kapolchok
Scott Kincaid
Jan Knight
Thomas Knight
Roberta Kunde
Charles Leisek
Tracy Leisek
Carol Ann Libarle
Dan Libarle
Jin Lidy
Jane Liscum
Ross Liscum
Segundo Lojas
Chris Lynch
Barbara Mackenzie
John Mackie
Dale Mahoney
Steve Marht
Jill Martin
Paul Martin
Michael Martin
Mary McCaffrey
Eric McGuire
Victor McKnight
Todd Mendoza
Richard Metcalfe
Joni Mickelsen
Max Mickelsen
Jim Mickelson
John Mills
William Mitchell
Bob Moretti
Margaret Mulligan
Carol Mungle
George Nazzal
Patrick Nevin
Jeff Pacciorni
Bob Palm
Bev Palm
Onita Pelligrini
Laura Peradoto
Lani Perry
Les Perry
Ettamarie Peterson
Ray Peterson
Mike Pickens
Andy Poncia
Sally Pozzi
Curt Nichols
Jane Rabbitt
Megan Rabbitt
Theodora Reilly
Michael Reynolds
Cindy Roberts
Carla Rodriguez
Kathy Roop
William Roop
Tom Rose
Peter Rumble
Stephen Rustad
Troy Sanderson
Sara Sass
Steve Schwartz
Darren Sciford
Robin Schaef
Kathy Schmidt
Dani Sheehan-Meyer
Michael Shemmel
Brett Shinn
Susan Shinn
Rodney Sichel
Sheila Siragusa
Tom Siragusa
Francesca Smith
Glenn Smith
Hoot Smith
Linda Smith
Peg Smith
Daniel Sohn
Kathy Spongberg
Paul Spongberg
Ambrose Stevens
Kevin Strain
Marian Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
Joe Tambe
Nick Tibbetts
James Trappe
Jon Trappe
Michael Troy
Connie Tudor
Kimberly Waite
Richard Wallach
Juli Walters
Adam Williams
Roger Willis
Francisco Wonneberger
Norm Yenni
~Partial List~

headshot“I’ve known David since his time serving on the Petaluma City Council. Since his election to the Board of Supervisors, David has delivered for Petaluma and Southern Sonoma County by prioritizing road repairs, being our advocate for the Highway 101 widening, supporting the dredging of the Petaluma River, and more. David puts words into action, and is my choice for 2nd District Supervisor.”
Dave King, Petaluma City Councilmember

headshot“No one has worked harder or got more done for Sonoma County than Supervisor David Rabbitt. He is widely viewed as the Board of Supervisors’ most steady and stable hand, and has delivered for all of us, not only on agricultural issues, but also on issues including road repair and improvement projects, public transportation, housing and so much more. When I think of someone who gets things done for Sonoma County, David Rabbitt is the first person that comes to mind. We need his proven leadership on the Board of Supervisors now more than ever.”
Marilyn Herzog, 3rd Generation Petaluma Dairy Farmer

headshot“David Rabbitt has been an exceptional member of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, and always puts our community first. As a longtime Petaluma resident, I’ve watched David deliver for Petaluma and surrounding areas time and time again, making meaningful progress on the issues that matter most to us. David doesn’t just talk about the issues that matter to earn votes; he has the track record to prove he’s delivering. Join me in re-electing David Rabbitt to the Board of Supervisors.”
Todd Mendoza, Petaluma Resident and Realtor

headshot“I’ve known David for many years, and he has always been an accessible, approachable leader who works tirelessly for Sonoma County. He understands business; he’s the leading voice on sound fiscal policies and investments on the Board of Supervisors; and put simply, he delivers for Sonoma County. David is the steady hand we need on the Board of Supervisors – please join me in re-electing him this June.”
Sheila Bride, Petaluma Business Owner

headshot“David Rabbitt has been an outstanding representative on the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. He listens, thinks about the well-being of mom-and-pop businesses like mine, and especially in the time of COVID, wants to ensure that county policies do not jeopardize the well-being of our small business community. I’ve been pleased with David’s leadership during his time on the Board, and will be supporting his re-election as our 2nd District Supervisor.”
Luis Flores, Downtown Petaluma Restaurant Owner

headshot“I support David Rabbitt for Supervisor due to his unwavering leadership to Sonoma County. His prudent fiscal management during the Great Recession when he took office, to his concern and care for residents and businesses during the pandemic is paramount. David always thinks about the diverse constituencies he services and has proved over and over again that he is able to get things done in an orderly and fair way for Sonoma County.”
Judith Hillery, Petaluma Resident and Retired Nurse (R.N.)

headshot“David is the only candidate in this race who is a father, family man and someone who has served both our community and our youth. His public service transcends politics; for years, he was a youth sports coach and PTA President before serving on the Petaluma City Council and now, the Board of Supervisors. Having a diverse perspective, coupled with proven leadership on the challenges facing working people and families is critical; for these reasons and more, I’m voting to re-elect David Rabbitt as our 2nd District Supervisor.”
Ed Gilardi, Retired Trustee and Board President, Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District

headshot“I believe David Rabbitt is the most analytical and hard-working member of the Board of Supervisors. When it comes to critical budgetary or policy matters, I know David has done his homework, carefully reviews what’s before him, and asks the tough questions to make informed decisions. As someone who has followed local politics for decades, I know David Rabbitt is the real deal and someone I can trust to put our community first and make decisions with Sonoma County’s best interests close to heart.”
Linda Garcia, Cotati Resident and Founding Member of Latino Service Providers 

headshot“When it comes to policymaking, Supervisor David Rabbitt is someone I trust to fully analyze what’s put before him, listen to the public, ask the tough questions and make an informed decision. Even if we don’t always agree, I support David Rabbitt because I know the well-being of our community and the future of Sonoma County is foremost on his mind.  It is this kind of leadership: one rooted in sound policy and people, not politics, that we need on the Board of Supervisors.”
Pat Gilardi, Sonoma County Planning Commissioner and Former Mayor of Cotati

headshot“I support David Rabbitt for Supervisor because he is engaged and focused on the well-being of locally-owned small businesses like mine. David used to own his own small business, and has a unique understanding on the challenges facing the small businesses that are the backbone of our local economy.”
Mercedes Hernandez, Cotati Business Owner

headshot“Supervisor David Rabbitt has always been someone I can count on to pick up the phone, listen and work with us to address city-county issues. Whether it be infrastructure improvements, the environment, housing or redistricting, David Rabbitt has demonstrated a spirit of collaboration rooted in getting things done…he is exactly the kind of representative we need on the Board of Supervisors.”
Pam Stafford, Rohnert Park City Councilmember and former Mayor

headshot“David Rabbitt has been an outstanding Supervisor. He has always been accessible to us, has a unique understanding of the challenges facing local businesses, and wants to do what he can to aide in our success. David has unparalleled knowledge of our local economy, our infrastructure, and the inner workings of each community he serves. His real-world experience, coupled with his accomplishments as our Supervisor, are invaluable.”
Brad Baker, CEO, SOMO Group in Rohnert Park

headshot“David has been a strong ally and advocate for the needs of Rohnert Park residents as our County Supervisor. Since joining the City Council, David has been approachable and accessible to me and my colleagues by listening, understanding and seeking to facilitate solutions to the challenges we face. I know David will remain a strong advocate for Rohnert Park on the Board of Supervisors.”
Susan Hollingsworth Adams, Rohnert Park City Councilmember

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