Local Issues

Creating Jobs and Improving Our Local Economy

Downtown PetalumaDavid believes that it is time to get back to the basics of creating jobs and new opportunities for our residents.  The Second District is home to people with a deep agricultural heritage, a proud middle-class and countless innovative entrepreneurs.  These people are the backbone of our economic engine, and as Supervisor, David will make it his priority to find ways to facilitate smart and sustainable growth to help our local businesses thrive and grow our economy.  

Currently, local government often appears to be an obstacle that local businesses must overcome to reach their goals - David intends to make it a tool for their prosperity.  As the current economic climate proves, it is only when our local economy thrives, that government can provide the necessary services that residents expect and deserve.

David takes a very detailed and rational approach to land-use, budget and infrastructure issues.  His professional background as an Architect and Planner give him the analytical tools necessary to fully understand the issues at hand.  He believes that each proposal should be considered on a case-by-case basis, and not simply be approved or denied based on personal ideology.  It should always be about what is best for the community.

Smart Planning for Responsible Growth

Reneable ResourcesFrom his experience as an Architect, David is uniquely qualified to be a leader in local planning issues.  As the matter of new development in the Second District continues to be a major concern, it is important to look at each project on an individual basis and understand fully whether the project will be beneficial to the community or a detriment.  Projects and plans that fill a need and incorporate both smart and sustainable building methods should be given priority.  Projects that create urban sprawl and exasperate transportation woes should not be acceptable to the Second District or Sonoma County as a whole.

As we look to the future, David understands that green, sustainable, environmentally sensitive projects will be required to protect the beauty of Sonoma County.  David realizes that we don’t get a second chance to defend and preserve our environment.  David has always fought for smart growth and he will continue that effort on the Board of Supervisors.


EducationHaving raised three children in the Second District, David understands the need for quality education in our school system.  While budget cuts are happening across the board, eliminating funds to our schools should not be an option.

In the competitive global economy, David has always believed that our children must be given every educational opportunity in order to land the best jobs once they have graduated from school.  Knowing this, and as proven by his intimate involvement in the local school system, David will continue to make education funding a top priority as County Supervisor.


trafficAlthough some strides have been made, traffic congestion remains a primary concern for many Southern Sonoma County residents.  David pledges to continue working on the widening of 101 and to continue to allocate transportation funding to projects that alleviate congestion and ultimately improve our quality of life.  The conditions of our county roads are poor and a plan must be set and a funding mechanism identified to address this issue.  David was an ardent supporter of the SMART train (www.sonomamarintrain.com), and while he understands it alone is not a panacea to traffic, it does give residents an option and will improve congestion on our roads while stimulating transit oriented developments throughout the county.  David also is excited and dedicated to the expansion of bike lanes and trails throughout the county.

Community Engagement

Community EngagementDavid has always believed that the strength of the Second District can be found within our local community and is embodied by its residents.  As Supervisor, David will listen to the residents of Southern Sonoma County and be a responsive representative.  David makes himself available to all residents and looks forward to doing so as Supervisor.

The Second District is an ideal place to raise a family, to work, to retire, and to enjoy.  Its wonderful recreational opportunities and parks are extremely valuable to our community and again, make our home such a special place in which to live.  David was instrumental in obtaining Open Space funding for the proposed East Washington Park ball fields and for replacing the worn carpet at the Luchessi soccer field.  David will continue to be a staunch advocate for parks and recreational facilities as Supervisor so they can be enjoyed by many generations to come.